Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Telecommunication

Symposium in memory of Professor Alexander B. Markhasin


Hybrid Event


  • Next-Generation Wireless Networks
  • High-Performance and Intelligent Traffic Processing
  • Software for Communication Systems
  • Information and Coding Theory, Communication Protocols, Internet of Things Systems, Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Blockchain
  • Optical Networks: Switching and Routing, Nanophotonics, Nonlinear Optics


Technical Program Committee Members


Fionov A.N., Dr.Sc., Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk (Co-Chair);

Kurnosov M.G., Dr.Sc., Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk (Co-Chair);

Drozdova V.G., Cand.Sc., Associate Prof., NSU, SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk (Co-Chair);

Chechetkin V.A., M.Sc.Eng., SMIEEE, IRIT-RTF, UrFU, Yekaterinburg;

Efimov A.V., Cand.Sc., Associate Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk;

Frolov A.A., Dr.Sc., Prof., Skoltech, Moscow;

Gorlov N.I., Dr.Sc., Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk;

Kalachikov A.А., Cand.Sc., Associate Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk;

Khairov B.G., Dr.Sc., Associate Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk;

Khazankin G.R., M.Sc.Eng., SMIEEE, NSU, Novosibirsk;

Nechta I.V., Dr.Sc., Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk;

Shuvalov V.P., Dr.Sc., Prof., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk;

Stenin A.V., Pre-doc. Res., SibSUTIS, Novosibirsk.