Symposium on Systems Biology and Biomedicine (SBioMed)

Virtual Event (Novosibirsk, UTC+7)

Click to download the program: SBioMed Program

The Conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussing problems in biomedical engineering, biorobotics, computational modeling in physiology and medicine, and in-silico medicine by specialists of various profiles, including neurobiologists, geneticists, physicians of various specialties, pharmacologists, specialists in the field of computational and experimental biomedicine, bioinformatics, and bioengineering.

Keywords: Biomedical engineering, Biorobotics, Pharmaceutical Materials Science, Computational Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Imaging and Data Processing, Experimental Techniques in Bio-Medicine


Technical Program Committee Members


A.Yu. Letyagin, MD, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk (Co-Chair)

V.V. Klimontov, MD, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk (Co-Chair)

V.V. Nimaev, MD, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk (Co-Chair)

V.I. Borisov, PhD, SMIEEE, EMBS Russia-Siberia Section Chapter, Yekaterinburg

A.Yu. Dolganov, PhD, SMIEEE, EMBS Russia-Siberia Section Chapter, Yekaterinburg

G.R. Khazankin, M.Sc.Eng., SMIEEE, EMBS Russia-Siberia Section Chapter, Novosibirsk

A.G. Kursanov, PhD, Yekaterinburg

A.N. Savostyanov, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk

K.S. Ushenin, M.Sc., Yekaterinburg