Symposium on Systems Biology and Biomedicine (SBioMed)

Virtual Event


The Conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussing problems in biomedical engineering, biorobotics, computational modeling in physiology and medicine, and in-silico medicine by specialists of various profiles, including neurobiologists, geneticists, physicians of various specialties, pharmacologists, specialists in the field of computational and experimental biomedicine, bioinformatics, and bioengineering.

Keywords: Biomedical engineering, Biorobotics, Pharmaceutical Materials Science, Computational Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Imaging and Data Processing, Experimental Techniques in Bio-Medicine


Technical Program Committee Members


A.Yu. Letyagin, MD, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk (Co-Chair)

O.E. Solovyova, PhD, Dr.Sci., Prof., Yekaterinburg (Co-Chair)

A.N. Savostyanov, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk (Co-Chair)

V.I. Borisov, PhD, IEEE Russia-Siberia Section, Yekaterinburg

G.R. Khazankin, M.Sc.Eng., SMIEEE, EMBS Russia-Siberia Section Chapter, Novosibirsk

V.V. Klimontov, MD, PhD, Dr.Sci., Novosibirsk

A.G. Kursanov, PhD, Yekaterinburg

K.S. Ushenin, M.Sc., Yekaterinburg