Conference Topics

Working languages: Russian/English

Regulation: 10 minutes report, 5 minutes answers to questions

Symposium on Fundamentals of Next Generation Communications and Storage
• Information theory and fundamental limits
​• Communications beyond 5G
• New waveforms and modulation techniques
• Ultra-massive MIMO and holographic MIMO
• Integrated sensing and communications (ISAC)
• Multiple access techniques
• Novel design principles and coding schemes toward 6G
• Artificial intelligence/machine learning based communications
• Resource allocation and network slicing
• New telecommunication technologies and networks
• Next generation Internet of things systems
• Combinatorics and algebraic coding
• Regenerating and locally recoverable codes
• Coding for flash memory
• Distributed computation and Blockchain
• Federated learning and edge computing
• Data security
• Differential privacy

Symposium on Systems Biology and Biomedicine
• Biomedical engineering
• Biorobotics
• Pharmaceutical Materials Science
• Computational Modeling
• Artificial Intelligence
• Computational Imaging and Data Processing
• Experimental Techniques in Bio-Medicine

Symposium on Smart Energy
• Automated Electrical Systems
• Diagnostic, Prognostic and Maintenance Methods and Tools
• Power Equipment, Electrical Machines and Drives
• Information and Communication Technologies in Industry
• Smart Grids and Microgrids
• Power Engineering Education

Symposium on Knowledge, Ontology, and Theory
• Discovering of patterns and extraction of knowledge contained in structured and unstructured data. Machine learning. Image recognition. Forecasting. Inductive reasoning
• Systematization of knowledge. Knowledge engineering. Knowledge management. Knowledge extraction from natural language texts. Development of subject domain ontologies: technologies of ontology development and application
• Generation of subject domain theories. Development of ontological and semantic models of subject domain. Formal Concept Analysis. Logical semantics of natural language. Fuzzy logic

Symposium on Optimization Problems of Complex Systems
• Mathematical models and optimization problems in big data analysis and pattern recognition
• Optimization problems in process managment of computations
• Optimization problems in socio-economic processes
• Mathematical methods for solving optimization problems
• Optimization problems in actual systems modeling
• Optimization problems of systems for collection, processing, analysis and storage of spatial data

Symposium on Data Analysis Technologies with Applications
• Data Fusion
• Pattern Recognition
• Predictive Modelling
• Data Mining
• Deep Learning
• Evolutionary Computing and Optimization
• Feature Selection
• Fuzzy Computing
• Neural Network
• Process Mining
• Data Virtualization
• Big Data
• Exploratory Data Analysis
• Text Analytics
• Web Analytics
• Social Data Analytics
• Semantic Web Technologies
• Cognitive Modeling
• Decision Support Systems
• Smart Cities and Urban Data Analytics
• Data Integrity
• Data Quality
• Large Scale Databases
• Mobile Databases
• NoSQL Databases
• Open Source Databases
• Data Warehouse Management
• Object-Oriented Database Systems
• Query Processing and Optimization
• In-Network Data Processing
• In-Memory Databases